These women here are strange creatures


Dear Hillary,

These women here are strange creatures.  Hot as hell one day and damn icebergs the next and I have absolutely no idea what brings it on.  Had a couple of live-ins and I’ve had to give them both the door.  Is there some way of finding out what these girls are like before you get too far into the relationship?  It doesn’t seem to matter how much salary you pay them, if they get in a snit, that’s it.


Dear Mike,

You are certainly all heart, aren’t you.  Pay “them” a salary and you think you own the woman and how she feels.  What sort of relationship is that, me Petal?  Your “live-ins” are merely “rented wives” (mia chow) and they have no compulsion in leaving, generally by being non-communicative, after which you will have to “buy” them out so they will leave.  Mike, you’ve met your match, and you are getting what you deserve.  Maids get salaries, partners are not maids, and it is time men like you realized the difference.  Any woman who is willing to be your live-in is not trying to impress you.  It is a straight out financial arrangement, and the contract can be broken by either side – but if you say it’s over, then you will pay again!  Get out of the financial arena and find some nice genuine Thai women who would like to share their lives with you.