The ATM is complaining


Dear Hillary,

Can you help me please.  Every time I get serious with one of these Thai girls, the relationship goes sour in about three months – sometime shorter.  I am not a stingy person, pay the girlfriends well (30,000 baht a month salary), and after a couple of months the hand is out for more and if I don’t cough up then they’re off.  What should you do with these girls?  It costs money to buy them out of the bar and then it’s money, money, money.  Don’t they think of anything else?  I find it all very disappointing.  I look after them and in the end they just kick me in the teeth.  Are they all like this?


Dear ATM,

I don’t know what you are complaining about, Petal.  You jump into the lion’s den and then whinge about being bitten.  Let me ask you – what are you paying them a “salary” for?  What “work” are they doing for this “salary”?  And do they pay tax on it?  While you have a price on everything, they will treat you like the ATM you volunteered to be.  Look for a girlfriend away from the bars, ATM.  You should be a wake-up to that scene by now.  There’s enough books written on the subject.  Try reading some instead of throwing good money after bad.  However, if you have this dreadful need to lavish money on people, some champagne and chocolates will be very well accepted at this end.  Make sure they are addressed to me, so that the boss’ son doesn’t think they are his.

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