The answer for middle-aged women?


Dear Hillary,

I can’t stop myself trying to hit on middle-aged women.  I reckon that they should be getting pretty frustrated by the time they’re in their 40’s, and with so many young beauties about the place they should be pretty pleased to get some attention from a young good looking man like me.  Do you think this is a project that can work?  I don’t want to get a knock-back, so need to be pretty sure of the next step.  What do you reckon, Hillary?


Dear Jeff,

I love to read self-opinionated letters from young studs like you, who are so full of themselves, there’s nothing left for anybody else.  I wouldn’t go on with this “project”, Petal.  I think the first middle-aged lady you might try and “hit on” will slap your face and send you packing.  Not just a knock-back, but a slap-down as well.  Time you grew up young Jeff, and stick to ladies your own age (as long as they are more than 18 years old).