Thainess or Rudeness?


Hi Hills Old Bean,

You must know why these bar girls are just so unreliable (as far as telling the truth is concerned) and just so reliable in doing a runner (once the mug’s pockets are turned inside out).  Is this a special brand of “Thainess” or some special brand of people.  A few of us regular Saturday morning folk are interested to know.  Keep going as we are with the bar girls we’ve got, or just be shot of them all?  By the way, we pay them a good salary each month.  Over to you Hills Old Bean.


Dear Charlie,

Just when did you think it is OK to address someone as “Old Bean”?  Or even more interesting, who taught you these appalling manners?  Why should I give you the benefits of my superior knowledge after such rudeness, and forget about “Thainess”.

But back to your insulting email, you get what you pay for, in this world, Charlie my ignorant Petal.  If you are paying for company, who is going to stay after the golden goose has been cooked?  These girls are far to well schooled in the fleecing department for your simple minds.  Stick with the bar girls you’ve got, and expect to find one day that the ATM doesn’t have any money in it.  It will be empty, just as your nest will be.