Thai women versus Western women


Dear Hillary,

This is a response to the question why do western men fall in love with Thai girls. First, Thai women have a great sense of loyalty to family. My Thai step-mother has been married to my father for over 24 years and always took care of the family when my father was at work. In exchange, he took care of their needs, and still does to this day. My step-mother is a beautiful person in looks and soul, and remains loyal to her family in the U.S. and in Thailand.

Second, Thai women know how to have fun. Not once did any of my Thai girlfriends ever give me a hassle about low funds or being bored. They each surprised me when I was low on cash, to show me more of Thailand’s inner beauty, like the beaches and their friends.

Third, a significant portion of Thai women and many other Asian women do not butterfly – it’s not a part of their culture. These women remain monogamous to their man.

Fourth, Thai women are very feminine (to me) with their beautiful faces, bodies, and souls. I love their display of the motto, The Land of Smiles; their sense of shyness at first, then friendship afterward.

Fifth, Western women are boring. A significant portion want to know from a man what kind of car he drives, his job/career, will he take care of her so she doesn’t have to work, etc. Straight out: Western women make good friends/buddies, but lousy girlfriends and wives. Until the Western women change their attitude and learn from Thai and other Asian women about how give their heart to a man, only then things will change.


Dear Trevor,

On behalf of all Thai women, I thank you for all the nice words, but I think you have the rose colored glasses on, Petal. You are also guilty of showing the man’s chauvinistic side of things with words like “give their heart to a man.” Why does nobody say the western man has to give his heart to a woman? I’m not talking here about lovesick young westerners who are swept off their feet by experienced bar girls, but looking at the “ordinary” Thai women who deserve a good husband, and not one who will take advantage of her just because they are financially better off.

You also want the western woman’s relationship “changed” to be like the Asians. If that were so, the westerner would stay at home. There are differences between East and West, and that is good, healthy and to be encouraged.