Tell me there are some “good” ones


Dear Hillary,

I read all these tales of woe that your letter writers send to you about losing money and getting ripped off.  I read the books like Private Dancer and Money Number 1 and they are full of the same tales of woe.  Is it really that bad in Thailand?  Surely there are some good ones out there, or are they all on the make?  Do you know how many marriages to bar girls go t’s up?  Can’t be ‘all’ of them, can it?  I’ve met so many great girls on my holidays each year and I can’t believe that they would be anything other than great wives for some lucky guys.  What is the real situation?

Gary (from GB)

Dear Gary (from GB),

Even in your own country ‘mixed’ marriages fail, and that’s just marriages between men and women.  You men just don’t understand us, Petal.  Now make it a marriage between cultures and there is even more chance of failure.  And I am talking about people who go into marriage who are ‘In Love’ and still have the stars in the eyes.  Now look at the marriages you want to examine – the love sick visitor and the hardened professional girl behind the bar.  One has been convinced that this is the marriage made in heaven.  Besotted Bob just wants the ring on her finger, while business girl Bee can’t wait to investigate a joint bank account.  She is in the banking business, Gary.  This marriage lasts as long as the bank accounts.

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