Taking a big step


Dear Hillary,

I’ve met this girl who has a very small dress shop in one of the malls. Got chatting and asked her out for a beer. English isn’t bad and we’ve done the dinner thingy. What’s the next step? I take it that this is the sort of “good girl” you talk about. I don’t want to rush her into anything, and she seems to make a reasonable living out of her shop. I’m worried that if I suggest she moves in with me that she would give up her shop and I would be expected to make up the shortfall. She says she would be quite happy moving in, but now I’m not so sure. Take the big step or what?



Dear Jon,

If you think it’s a big step, then you’re not ready for it, Petal. Looks to me that your “good girl” may be a “sideliner”, where extra income can be made on the side. You would be making up the shortfall both from the shop and the sideline. Time for you to let things settle and when you have a better understanding of this girl make some decisions. I repeat, do not tackle the big step.