Take me to the wine cellars


Dear Hillary,

An easy one for you this week.  My brother is coming over for a holiday to Pattaya and he’s a bit of a wine buff.  Me, I’m a beer man, through and through, so I don’t really know where to go as far as some better class wines is concerned.  Some suggestions will help, and I’m sure with your taste for French champagne you must know a lot of places.

Charlie (but not ‘cheap’)

Dear (not cheap) Charlie,

That really is an easy task.  All of the good restaurants and better hotels put on wine dinners and wine tastings.  Look up the Pattaya Mail each week and you’ll soon find them.  “Community Happenings” is a good place to start.  While writing this, I see there are two wine dinners this week alone.  I’m sure your brother will have lots of fun sampling the different wines available in Pattaya, and all the good restaurants have well stocked temperature-controlled wine cellars.  Not that I can go there on my salary, but your brother will be impressed at the high standards available here.  He can always take me instead of you.