Stamp out the naughty bits?


Dear Hillary,

They are supposed to be stamping out prostitution, but every bar you go to has girls in sexy dresses hanging off you in 30 seconds, making suggestions like “Go room”. I’m an Aussie and not a prude, but enough is enough. If we all stopped going to the bar after work, we could fix the prostitution problem in 3 months. Either that or close the bars.


Dear Hamish,

Oh if only life were that simple. Closing the bars will not work. There are lots of ladies of the night along Beach Road, ready to take over. Do you honestly think all the massage parlors are only selling push and squeeze? I counted 11 from South Pattaya Road to the Avani, and that was only one side of the road. My Petal, I don’t think Pattaya is the place for you. Better go to Australia and Sydney’s King’s Cross – woops, they are there as well. Maybe Melbourne might be the place, but they’ve got St. Kilda? Or Amsterdam? Or Germany’s Reeperbahn? Why do you think it is called the world’s oldest profession? And are you suggesting closing the bars in Australia? The powers that be would be better occupied stamping out hunger perhaps?