Spelling 101


Dear Hillary,

This is Dickie Knee again.  I live in Chonburi and I cannot beleave (sic) the amount of garbage around.  Their (sic) is a brand new market and bars and shops and food carts who poor (sic) their cooking oils down the drain and over the new pavement.  Your own intelligence would tell you, you don’t do that.  And garbage bags with the smell of maggots in them.  “Is it no brain, no pain?”  It would not hurt the gov (sic) to put garbage bins on power polls (sic) to try and keep the place clean.  And they wonder why drains flood over if a dog cocks his leg.  It is anought (sic) to flood the place.  Employ rangers to give out fines.  A tourist place it is not.

Yours Sincurley (sic),


Dear Dickie,

Thailand is not known for community cleanliness, Petal, but there are worse places than your new market, and they are in certain towns in England.  I also think it is wrong of you to insult the Thai people, suggesting they have no brain.  The stall holders and food carts are only doing what they have always done.  I do not agree with suggestions that the City Hall should employ rangers to hand out fines.  The reason many British people come out here is to get away from ‘rangers’ handing out fines for anything and everything.  And Dickie, your spelling is atrocious!  But if English is not your native language, that wasn’t a bad try, I suppose.