Special promotions


Dear Hillary,

This is a serious question.  Why are all Thai women addicted to sales?  My Thai GF cannot walk past a shop which has a “sale” sign without going in and if it has a two for one deal she’s sold, even though we don’t need it or already have one (from the last sale).  I have spoken to mates and they all say the same, so is it something that’s taught in Thai schools or what?  Or is it the bowerbird complex that women have in general and Thai women have it in big degrees?


Dear Thom,

No, Petal, the addiction to sales is not taught in schools because it is already in the genetic make-up of all Thai women, so it is more like an inbuilt bowerbird complex as you say.  All it needs to trigger the response is the smell of farang money.  Like Pavlov’s dogs that would run when a bell was rung, Thai women run to the shops when shown a full wallet.  The two for one deal shows just how she is being frugal and looking after your interests and money (so there is still some left for tomorrow’s sales).  You should be thankful.  By the way, get her to let me know when the next sale is on.