Solving a wardrobe problem


Hi Hillary,

I don’t have a relationship problem, I have a wardrobe problem. I’m a very happy single man, I’m well off, get my pick of the ladies any time I want, so why am I writing to you? My only problem is that after a couple of nights, the ladies all want to move in with me. Some of them bring over not just a change of clothes, but a whole wardrobe full. I have no intention of settling down – and why should I? Like I say, I get my pick, so why spoil it. You must have heard the saying ‘why buy a book when you can join a library?’

Larry the Librarian

Dear Larry,

You certainly have got tickets on yourself, haven’t you Petal. But I suppose you’ve got good reason to be as you are. I mean, just how lucky are you? You get to wake up with the most adorable man in the world, in your opinion – yourself. Time to change your name to Narcissus, though I would suggest you take all the mirrors down in your bathroom, or you might find yourself falling in love just like the long departed Narcissus. Poor Narcissus saw his reflection and fell in love with it, and could not be away from it, and pined to death looking into the pool. Meanwhile the nymph Echo who fell in love with Narcissus also pined away, just like your ‘lucky’ ladies who try and leave their clothes in your wardrobe. However, I am certainly glad I haven’t been picked as this week’s ‘lucky winner’!