Socks and sandals


Dear Hillary,

I am told that you can take a girl out from the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl. Surely this isn’t so. I know heaps of guys with Thai wives who seem perfectly normal. They are not running after other guys or anything like that. They all seem pretty normal and their husbands say they are the best woman they’ve ever lived with. Show me a woman anywhere who will put you socks on for you and trim your nails.


Dear Ern,

Just keep wearing your socks and sandals, Petal, and you’ll find there’s a sock tucker just for you. Remember that the things the girl does in the bar – laughing and joking and every night a party, that’s what you men find attractive. Life as a wife isn’t a party every night. You can find a girl from the bar any night. Look at it as a try before you buy kind of offer. You don’t get opportunities like that back in your home country.