Sitting on the curve


Dear Hillary,

She stayed for a week and then took off, with my things as well as hers. What do I have to do to get my things back? Nothing of importance, but items of importance to me. She obviously took them to annoy me. Some tell me to report it all to the police, then I hear that is a waste of time. Or should I just chalk it down to experience.


Dear Jerry,

All of life’s experiences are part of the learning curve. That’s where you are, my Petal. Sitting fair and square on the learning curve. Move right, left or center and you fall off. Of course the police are not interested in your sentiment underpants. No matter how many times you wore them. This is Experience with a capital E. Be more careful next time about ladies you invite to your home for a week. Would you have done that in your own country?

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