Short back and sides


Hi Hillary,
Today my hairdresser handed me her phone number. I always like her. She is 33 live alone, speak English, pretty and lonely. She loved the fact that I don’t date bar girls. Good time with them yes dating them a big no!
Her complain (sic) and I heard before is good girls here cannot meet nice guys here. All they have here is bars for bad girls so where are good girls suppose to go to meet nice guys?
You know if I was younger I would put a lot of bars out of business. I will open bars New York style. Bars in New York my town packed every night. No bar girls, no bar fee, no hustling. Girls there no associated with the bars so everybody go there to meet nice girls no hooking. Of course some bars have hookers but it’s between the boys and the girls.
I would open this kind of bars here and I am sure most retired men who live here would rather get involved with nice girls than bar girls. Me too. So far I took out my hair dresser and we had a great time. I dated in my many visits here sales girls from big shopping centers, a waitress, a pharmacist and a girl work for optician. I would consider marrying one of these girls but never a bar girl. Remember the phrase you can get bar girl from the bar but you can’t get the bar out of the girl.

Dear Gil,
Aren’t you the little philosopher. NY bars packed with virgins and no hustlers. So all those movies that I’ve watched with scenes in NY bars are all fairy tales? I am also impressed with your imposing line-up of dates, all of whom you would consider marrying. Noted there were no journalists in the list, though. The jaunty little ditty you were trying to re-create, goes “You can take a girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl.” How short is your hair now?

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