Shopping in Paradise


Dear Hillary,

The shopping for tourists is very good in Pattaya, with some excellent shopping centers and malls, but where do you go to find the true authentic local markets? While we are here for three months every year we would like to experience life from the Thai side, rather than from the tourist angle. Where do you suggest we go?

Dear Marj,

You are correct, Pattaya is a shoppers paradise, but it is becoming difficult if you are only looking from the Thai shoppers point of view. The next ‘big thing’ in Pattaya is the Terminus 21 center. This place is so big they even have a couple of planes sitting on the forecourt. Not small run-abouts either, but planes like a 777 for example. I am not sure if they will fly you home, but you can always ask. In the meantime, the Thepprasit market might be your best bet.

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