Sexy Seniors?


Dear Hillary,

The wife of one of my husband’s friends will be coming to visit Thailand next month, along with a couple of her girl friends.  They would all be in their 50’s, and have been very active in Parent-Teacher associations and the like.  Well respected people.  However she shocked me when she wrote and said they wanted to see a “sex show” while they are here.  Do you think it’s proper for me to take them to some of the more outrageous places, or what?  I have to admit I haven’t ever been to one myself.  I’m really blown away by this.  What do you recommend, Hillary?

Blown Away


Dear Blown Away,

There is nothing to worry about, my dear.  You say that you haven’t been to any of the “outrageous places” but it is obvious that you know where they are if nothing else.  Sure you didn’t sneak out one night, Petal?  However, everybody knows we don’t have sex shows in Thailand.  The nice policeman told me so.  If you’re really worried, get your husband to take them.