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Dear Hillary,

There’s plenty of places for men to enjoy the company of the opposite sex around here, but where do ladies go for company? I’m not looking for a long term commitment, but just some fun evenings. I’m English and all I want is some good conversation, a couple of drinks and no heavy stuff. Is this possible, or am I looking for something that isn’t there?



Dear Mardy,

I think you are confusing your aspirations with the local capabilities, my Petal. You are in Thailand. The people here all speak a language known as Pasa Thai. The number of Thai males working in the bars who can actually converse in English, would be very small. For that matter, the number of ladies working in the bar that can speak good conversational English is also very small, after you get past “Hello sexy man (lady). Sit down please. Buy me cola?” I am sure that many of the ‘boy bars’ and nightclubs could offer you drinks, some fun evenings with no commitment, and the ‘stuff’ gets as heavy as you (the customer) wants. However, remember you pay for the fun, just as you do in any bar in Thailand. The staff are ‘professional’, if you know what I mean.