Say “No!” to bar fines


Hi Hillary,

I’ve been in Pattaya many times and I have many good friends who work in bars and I know many of the bar girls have a Thai boy friend who they support and buy drugs for and most bar girls are loyal to the bar and to the Thai people and I want every falang to know that they don’t have to pay bar fine or money if they want a Thai girlfriend.  Don’t waste your time or money with Thai lady or any Thai who ask you for money just walk away.  I love Thailand and I think Thai people are very friendly and easy going I’m going back soon again and not every bar girl is bad but never send money, send it to some school or orphanage.


Dear Dieter,

Does your advice about walking away from any Thai who asks you for money extend to bus conductors?  If that is the case, look at all the money I can save on the (rare) trips to Bangkok! But jokes aside, my Petal, I agree with you – just never hand over money (unless it is to the aged Agony Aunt’s charity appeal – a very good cause administered by me) as this is the wrong way to begin any relationship.  One of my friends (I do have more than one) who married a Thai lady said, “During our time when we were going out together, she was the only woman who never asked me for money.”  There certainly is a lesson to be learned there, one that many farangs have not fully understood.  Mind you, since she controls the family finances these days she’s got all the money!  (Why can’t I find a man like that?)