Salary for a Mia Chow


Dear Hillary,

Money again. She’s a great girl and I like her a lot and she says she would be happy to come and live with me. I almost said “Let’s go.” But she followed that up with, “How much you going to give me?” Do they all expect to be paid? I mean I would be supplying everything – home, food and suchlike. She has a good job in an office so wouldn’t need to pay out for a living and eating. And then wants an allowance on top. Is this usual in this country?


Dear Will,

Have you ever heard of a Mia Chow? That translates into a “rented wife”. She is just using you as a free meal ticket no doubt ’till someone with more money turns up. Not to be confused with a “Mia Noi” who is a rented girlfriend (but you pay the rent anyway)! You get nothing for nothing in Pattaya.