Sad old duffers?


Dear Hillary,

Generally speaking I think it is the older guys rather than the youngsters that need the warnings about Thai girls. Most youngsters do not have an accumulation of wealth to be taken off them or the funds to ‘build a house in Isaan’. Sure they might get stung for a few lady drinks but hey that is the learning curve. The sad old duffers that end up believing that a twenty something lovely find their fat bald 60+ body attractive are the ones that REALLY get stung. Unfortunately there is no cure for stupid!


Dear Chris,

I agree with much of your sentiments, but remember that the young bloods have monthly wages coming in, while the 60+ group are trying to exist on a monthly pension, which does not go far these days. I think that calling them “sad old duffers” ignores the fact that the girls can brighten up the elderly punters lives. Most of them do know their time is limited, so they are enjoying what they’ve got left.

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