Rice planters wanted


Dear Hillary,

I’m getting tired of all these no-hopers complaining about being ripped off by some bar girl somewhere.  What do they expect?  What do they think these girls do for a “living”?  It’s not planting rice, is it?  They could stay in Esarn and work on the family farm, but they don’t, do they?  Because they can make more money more easily working out of a bar.  The money, as we know, comes from all the no-hopers who shell out big bikkies and then wake up that they’ve been fleeced.  This is not something new, Hillary, and it’s not rocket science either.  What’s wrong with these people?


Dear George,

I think you are being a little hard on our bar-beer sponsors, Petal.  What is wrong, is not that they are no-hopers, as you call them, but something is missing in the relationships they have had before in their own countries that makes them suckers in this environment?  They have come from relationships with no hope, but here there is hope – even though it may be misguided.  Be a little more forgiving, George, or are you one of the ones who have been fleeced and now you are angry with the world, instead of angry at yourself?