A relationship made in heaven


Dear Hillary,

Over the weekend I saw a couple in one of the local restaurants. He would have been 80 years old, and she? Lucky to be 30. They were holding hands across the table like a couple of lovebirds. She was smiling, thinking no doubt of the financial windfall, while he was sitting stunned and amazed at his luck, to attract such a young beauty. How do you get the message across to these pensioner chaps?


Dear Pensioner Peter,

What message, my Petal? Stop enjoying yourself, because the fun police are watching you? Go back to England and sit by the fire, hoping you have enough shillings for the meter? So she might have struck a gold mine with the elderly gentleman. By the same token, he must feel that he has struck it lucky as well. A beautiful young woman who looks after him. It is a no contest my Petal. A win-win situation for both. What you want is a lose-lose. Stop being so judgmental and you might start to enjoy yourself as well.