Ray Charles to the rescue!


Dear Hillary,

Found the “good girl” from a good family and all that you are always banging on about, but progress is slow. So slow I’m thinking of giving up TBH. It has been two months and we’re up to holding hands (when nobody is around) and a peck on the cheek goodnight. We go out once a week, as that’s all she’ll do. She’s a nice girl but I’m running short of patience. What’s the next step?



Dear Jack,

I presume your acronym TBH is To Be Honest. So why not just write the full three words, so there can be no confusion? TAGB (that’s a good boy). Now to the go-slow romance which seems to be going nowhere. Mort, you are having yourself on. She is obviously so well mannered that she is trying to tell you, very gently, that even though you may be interested in her, she’s not interested in you. Your next step is to “Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more” that catchy song by Ray Charles. (You may be too young to remember the song, but never mind.)