Queue at Kasikorn


Dear Hillary,

This is to John who was complaining that his wife didn’t dress sexy any more. Hillary said it might be because you are too old, but John, be thankful with what you have. My opinion of Thai women is that they hold their age well into their 50’s. My wife is 57 and still has the figure of one half her age. I recently saw a photo of the new vice president of Kasikorn Bank. She is 50 years old and looks a stunner. The type of woman who you would be proud to be seen with. So John, front up to the bar in your Singha singlet, shorts and sandals with sox’s. With your attitude I’m sure you will meet someone more suited to your taste.



Dear Bryan,

I think you are being a bit hard on John here. We can’t all be pictures of sartorial splendor like you. And you have been spotted with the socks and sandals too, and it is ‘socks’ not ‘sox’ (one of those creeping Americanisms). I’m sure John’s problems can be cured by taking his GF to the closest Kasikorn Bank. She can exchange some of his piggy bank for some sexy clothes and keep everybody happy.

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