Pushed out of his nest


Dear Hillary,

I’m having a few problems with the out-laws.  The relatives of my Thai GF of many months have come to Pattaya for what I thought was a holiday.  It now comes out that they are having a house built in the sticks somewhere, and have sold their old house, so they’ve got nowhere to stay and have just taken over my place.  There’s five of them all told, the parents, a younger brother and two younger sisters.  Nobody can give me a straight answer as to how long it will be before they move in to their new house.  My condo has only got one bedroom and it is bursting at the seams.  What should I do?  She’s a nice girl, but this is getting a bit rich.


Dear Mal,

You certainly do have a problem, don’t you, Petal.  You see, it is the duty of the children to look after the parents, and as your girl is the eldest, she is supposed to be the number one helper.  I think it is time you sat down with her to discuss this.  As she is just a GF of a few months, it is not her condo to say who lives in it.  You are really being put upon here.  Surely there are uncles or aunts still living in the village and they can all bunk in there.  You need to put your foot down, Mal, before they shove you out of the nest!