Poot Thai again (and again and again…)


Dear Hillary,

You do go on a bit about speaking Thai, but what is the best way to learn? It is very different from English, and I know several people who have tried but gave up. Plenty of places advertising ‘Education’ visas, but they don’t want you to graduate, as while ‘learning’ you are paying them for the privilege. So, is private tuition the best? Or a language school? Where do all these students go?


Dear Giovanni,

You forgot ‘pillow talk’ as another option, or is that what you call ‘private tuition’? My friends in the learning business all say the most important thing is to try and speak, and don’t worry about getting the words exactly right to start with. They all say that listening is also an important part of learning. Listen and then speak, in that order. All the best Giovanni, with whatever method you choose.

“Poot Thai geng.”