Playing around and that’s not golf!


Dear Hillary,

Have a big problem with the GF (Thai of course).  Playing around behind my back when I’m at work.  Not doing it for money because I give her enough each month (30K) and she generally has money left over.  I just can’t get my head around why she does it.  She says she’s happy with me and denies playing around, but my mates have seen her working out of a bar on Beach Road.  What’s my next step Hillary?


Dear Brian,

Too few details for me to be specific.  How long have you been together?  Did she come from a bar in the first place?  If your friends can find her so easily, why don’t you go to the bar on Beach Road and see for yourself?  Make sure, however, that she’s not just visiting friends if she came from that bar in the first place.  And it is all very well saying you give her 30K “salary”, but does she have enough to do while you are at work?  Start collecting facts, my Petal, and not rumors from your friends.