Pensioner problems


Dear Hillary,

Ron with the vanishing British pension a couple of weeks ago really does need some help, and more than you gave him, Hillary.

Ron, hope you don’t mind dark humor, but you will get the last laugh.  All you have to do is die old fellow and the money fully stops!  That will teach her!  Tough break on the UK fixed pension if you are not living in UK which makes you subject to inflation and currency exchange changes.  Of course, you are not in UK spending money in the local economy either which is why they froze it.  (If you were there it would be you that was freezing!)

Perhaps having the brothers in law “in residence” will encourage you to take a lot of walks buddy.  Perhaps they will join you and you can point out all the “help wanted” signs in Thai to them.  Yours is an excellent case to comment on and something anyone coming to Thailand from UK or any Western country should consider.  “Should I marry?”  “Should I own a condo in Farang name or rent?”  “Should I live in Thailand full time or half year?”  “How much should I have saved up in investment money before I retire?”  “What is the greatest and lowest exchange rate for my pound in the previous 10 years?”  If you plan for the lowest rate to be the best you ever get anything over is a bonus.

Your situation kind of makes a 15K baht a month housekeeper companion sound like a bargain.  But, I presume you love your wife and she loves you and except on this score she works hard and treats you well old friend.  Very best to you.  I hope you rent only and when you stop so does all the money.



Dear Rob,

You certainly have a streak of dark humor don’t you, my Petal?  And just a dash of sarcasm too!  However, the questions you raise are all very legitimate and should be addressed by all those thinking of coming over here with their pension pounds in their pockets, which as has been pointed out, gets smaller every year.  Unfortunately, marrying and home purchase can be decisions that can make or break relationships in this country.  Ron’s situation is somewhat different, in the fact that he has already married, house with a mortgage and lazy brother-in-laws who do not help.  When you boil it all down, Ron has only two choices – put up or shut up and go back home.  Neither is much fun, but he might do better in the next life if he just soldiers on in this one.  I think you will agree with me, Rob.