Paying for the Utilities


Dear Hillary,

If you forget one month to the water people or the electricity people they take your meter away. It’s not really fair as sometimes the bill gets lost before I get back and I come home and food is spoiled as well as having no lights at night. Can’t I just give them a lump of money and get them to contact me when it runs out?


Dear Les,

They contact you already by sending you a bill, but you say you didn’t get it. Why will it be different if they try to contact you when your lump sum finishes? Do you want one woman at the Utility working 30 days just because you can’t get your act together? No, my Petal, it is your responsibility, you know the dates the bills come in (just ask them and they’ll tell you), then make a mark in your diary and bingo! It’s fixed. And start being responsible for your own actions from now on.