Pampered poodle?


Dear Hillary,

I am a little worried that my husband has been playing up recently.  He has been going to bars with his workmates after the office closes and seems to be staying out longer and longer.  I have told him he has to let me know when he is coming home, as I have often got jobs for him to do around our condo, and he has to have time to prepare the dinner for all of us (we have a pet poodle).  When I went through his pockets the other evening I found a business card for a bar in one of the more seedy areas in town.  Have I got a real worry here or not, Hillary.  Please let me know.

Anxious Annabel

Dear Anxious Annabel,

You sure do have a problem, Annabel my Petal, you surely do.  If my partner were to be telling me to come home and cook the dinner after I spent all day in the office, then I’d even go to bars myself, just as retaliation.  Time you learned to cook and fend for yourself, just remember to let the can of dog food come to room temperature.  I hope you and the poodle have some lovely romantic candlelight dinners together.  Just watch out that its coat doesn’t singe.  Wake up, Annabel.  Time for you to be looking at what you are doing, not what he is doing.

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