Overstays not always bad


Dear Hillary,

My wife always forgets when her visa runs out and it always ends up with me having to pay for her overstays. I even said I would handle it if she wanted (we have a secretary in the office who handles all this stuff), so that this did not happen all the time, but she asserts her independence all the time and calls it interfering if I say I’ll take charge of it. This has happened more than just a couple of times too. If she would only get her visa in line with mine, it would be so much easier. I am getting a bit tired of it. How do I make her see some sense? I don’t want to run her life, she is perfectly capable of doing that herself. I just don’t like unnecessary hassles, and with the new rules on overstays she could see herself deported.



Dear Victor,

You have a problem that will even be difficult for Hillary to fix, but as always I am ready for the challenge. You don’t say whether your wife is from the West, but I’ll guess that she is. I believe independent western women should be given their independence, so why are you paying for her overstays? With independence comes the responsibility for your own actions, but she is making you responsible for her actions. This is not independence at all. This is subjugation. She doesn’t want independence, she wants to be the boss. Vic, you have to put your foot down, give her all the independence that she wants, with everything that goes with it. If you are lucky, she will amass such a huge bill from her overstays that she will be deported. Don’t pay for the return ticket either. Some people learn the hard way.