Overly helpful nurse


Dear Hillary,

You have told the farangs enough times that they should be very careful when with the bar girls, and I’ve taken your advice many times.  Good fun to be with, but they’re just doing a job.  My problem is a bit different.  I was visiting a friend in the local public hospital and one of the nurses really went out of her way to help.  It was the same the next day and the days after that, and we’ve become friendly.  I’d like to ask her out (her English is pretty good) and wonder if you could give me a few tips as to the next move?


Dear Joe,

Goodness me, Petal!  She is a girl, just like girls in your own country.  What do you do there if you want to invite one out to get to know her better?  You pluck up courage and ask.  The worst that can happen is she says “No”.  That’s not the end of the world, is it?  If she does say “Yes”, then proceed slowly.  Be the perfect gentleman, and don’t rush things.  “Good” Thai women are rather shy, so don’t base your attitudes on what you have seen in the bars.  And best of luck, Joe.

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