Out without a nanny


Dear Hillary,

What is it with Thailand that it attracts guys that should not be allowed out without a nanny.  Texas Tom the other week, all starry-eyed over the two girls (gorgeous, he said) from up-country and wondering if he was rude not to give them his hotel address.  Hillary, you should have been more direct with this chap.  You did say, “They knew where the expensive seafood restaurant was, and they ate well on your wallet and probably got a small tip from the manager as well.  You were being worked over by professionals who could spot a newbie from across the shopping mall.”  They could spot him all right, but he couldn’t spot them?  Do normal girls approach guys in Texas in the shopping centers?  How wet is that?

Larry from London

Dear London Larry,

I really thought I was being direct enough.  After all, this was his first visit and he was suffering from jet lag.  A little compassion is needed now and again, Larry.  You are obviously an Old Hand over here, but cast your mind back to when you first arrived.  I’ll bet you also took some young ladies to expensive seafood restaurants the first time you came over here from London.  And I’ll bet that nobody ever came up to you in a London shopping center with an offer you couldn’t refuse, because people in London don’t talk to each other as all they’re trying to do is to get warm.  No, Larry, it’s nice to see such well mannered tourists over here.

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