Ordinary lady seeks nice man


Dear Hillary,

Referring to a letter from a reader with no lady friend who is looking for someone “nice” and have an “ordinary” life. Please you could let me have his e-mail address. Thanking you very much for your kind assistance and your soonest reply.

“Ordinary Lady”


Dear Ordinary Lady,

You do sound “nice”, but you are not “ordinary” as it is rare for someone Thai to take the initiative such as you have done – but top marks, anyway! Hillary applauds anyone who constructively tries to influence their future, and not just sit back and wait and hope (and be disappointed). I shall pass on your email address to the man but we must leave it up to him if he wishes to take you up any further on your offer. Remember too, that there are a lot of lonely men out there, but there are not as many “genuine” and lonely men! Beware!