Opportunity Noks


Dear Hillary,

The cashier at my local has told me she wants to get out of the bar trade. Even though she’s cashier, she has managed to get someone to cover for her, while we’ve been out together. She tells me that I have to buy her out of the bar, and that is going to cost me 30,000 baht, which I think is a lot, but she’s a really nice girl, woman actually. The price for buying her out seems high to me, but Nok says she will look after me after that. Is this a risky thing, Hillary?



Dear Jan,

Have you ever heard of the saying “Opportunity Knocks”? Well in your case it is more like “Opportunity Noks”. Not for you – for her. How old are you, my pink Petal? The cashier story is used all the time, to make you think they are “good” girls and not bar girls. The figure of 30,000 baht is well inflated too. Jan you are being ripped off. What you do now is run, and never go anywhere near that bar again!