One size doesn’t fit all


Dear Hillary,

What with clothes being so cheap in Thailand we have friends who keep telling me they are bringing an empty suitcase so that they take all their new clothes back with them.  The problem is that both of them are around a size 18, or just about twice the size of the local women.  They are really going to stand out here.  I have been looking around the fashion shops before they come, but the clothes establishments (even the designer shops) just don’t stock size 18, and “one size fit all” just doesn’t work in this case.  Do you know of any places that sell larger sizes?  If you don’t, how do I tactfully break the news to them?

Karl Lagerfeld

Dear KL,

I am honored!  A famous designer writing to Hillary.  And wanting my advice on fitting dresses to models.  It’s just a pity the models in question are so large.  The best places for bargains in clothes are still Pratunam in Bangkok, but that’s a bit far away.  If they are coming in three months, then they can spend some time looking – but size 18 is just a little bit optimistic.  However, all is not lost.  Tailoring for women as well as men is very inexpensive in Thailand.  They will make anything to measure in 48 hours (they’ll tell you 24, but it usually takes a couple of fittings).  Tell your friends to bring over any favorite outfits and they can also copy these right down to the last stitch, and at a price very much less than the cost of the original items in their home country.