Old geezers will wait for this one


Dear Hillary,

I have no complaints about my life and lovers in this country.  I could never be so lucky where I came from in the UK.  These girls over here are just so much fun to be with.  I know you’re supposed to pay them if you bring them from the bar, but you don’t have to – well at least I don’t have to, but I’m not one of these old geezers you see round the place.  I don’t have to wait to go to heaven because I’m there already.

Satisfied of Salisbury

Dear Satisfied of Salisbury,

I think that should have been Dear Self-Satisfied of Salisbury.  You certainly have got tickets on yourself, haven’t you.  You think you are just the cat’s whiskers, but you will find out that you are not the cat’s whiskers one day, and you will also find out that your ‘heaven’ can be ‘hell’ on earth!  It won’t be today or tomorrow, but one day when you too are an “old geezer”.  Just wait and see!  If you live long enough.