Not a Nigerian scam


Dear Hillary,

Do these writing in people understand what they are doing? They go to a bar and in no time they are setting themselves up with the blushing virgin beauty. After that it’s off to the village to meet the in-laws and the entire village (some interbreeding I think) then getting a house built (it’s cheap up country) then buying the house down here, in her name of course. Then it all goes sour, the Thai husband arrives in the newly purchased marital home, and he’s out. The dream had no substance, just his dreams in the sky. Never mind the Nigerian scams, the Thai lady scams don’t even need email. The chap in question runs head first into the trap, and some do it more than once. Oh my dizzy aunt.



Dear Rob,

Your understanding of the village marriage goes far beyond that of someone reading my column each week. You are relating the situation as it happened to you. Am I not right, Petal? Don’t let it happen for a third time. For you, I think looking at a ‘rental’ agreement is safer.