Noisy nights


Dear Hillary,

About once a month there is a fair in the vacant ground opposite my village.  They have great big speaker boxes at the entrance booming across the road, but by midnight when you would think it would be winding down, it is the opposite, they turn the volume up so high it rattles my windows.  I tried going across and asking them to turn it down, but “no understand”.  I have asked my neighbors and they just laugh and say “it good fun”, so I’m not going to get anything there.  Who do I see to complain about this noise?  City Hall?


Dear Jeremy,

I’m sorry to disappoint you, Petal, but you can go to the highest courts in the land, and you won’t change anything.  Fairs like this are very popular with the Thai people (you know, the people who were born and live in Thailand), so whilst you may get some sympathetic souls who agree with you, they are in the minority.  I suggest you go and take a room in one of our nice hotels next time and have your own party.  Throw on a couple of bottles of the best French bubbles and I’ll be there!  (And don’t forget the chocolates!)