No more bar girls


Dear Hillary,

I want to be rid of the easy bar scene and sincerely want to settle down with a “nice Thai girl. The person I am looking for will be professional, educated and attractive and will have never worked in the entertainment industry. She should be single and have no children. It would be a bonus if she spoke English, but that is not needed 100%. Where do I find my princess?



Dear Johnson,

Your lady will be easy to find. Just join in on the end of the queue of other hopeful males all chasing the illusive and elusive butterfly. When you get to the top of the queue, she’s yours! Honestly, what is wrong with you gormless guys? Stop looking in the entertainment industry and look for professional women who work in the same field as yourself. If your profession is propping up a bar, then you’re already in the right place for the sort of mate you need, but if you are a professional join the necessary chambers of commerce, service organizations and the like. Your princess is out there, it’s just that you have to kiss a lot of toads if you are not looking in the right place.



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