Nice Girls


Dear Hillary,

I have been with my Thai partner now for one and a half years and we are both very happy. I read your column every week and over the last few weeks I have noticed how many people write about not meeting “Nice Girls”.  My lady has six friends who are interested in meeting any kind gentlemen.  They are all working ladies (not bar girls) and their ages are from 30 to 48 years of age. If anybody is interested please get in touch with me and I will send the information to them.  Thank you for your help.



Dear Matchmaker,

Thank you for your letter, and I do believe you and your partner’s friends are sincere in your wish to help/meet kind gentlemen, and be a helping hand.  However, this column is not a dating agency – for many reasons.  I cannot vouch for the men who may answer your letter – are they all really “kind gentlemen” – as I cannot vet them, I cannot give that guarantee.  Are all the ladies, as you would suggest by your letter, not people out to make some money from unsuspecting farangs?  Again I cannot vouch for your partner’s friends either.  So I hope you can see that it would be wrong of me to become the intermediary or ‘match-maker’.  What your letter does do, is to show that there are many nice girls out there, and I would suggest that perhaps you and your partner and her friends should attend some farang functions, like the expats’ clubs, or the chambers of commerce, and meet the kind of gentlemen they are looking for at those type of events.