Mutt nut


Dear Hillary,

A local family is crazy about dogs. They’ve got dozens of them hanging round their place because they feed them. Dogs don’t think like we do and they do their business anywhere, not like cats which at least clean up after themselves. Will the pound take them away?


Dear Rover,

You have a problem with people nuts about mutts, or is it that you stepped in some doggy doo last week? Will the pound take them away? No, not whilst they have a current Tabian Baan listing them as living there (you are referring to the people, or was it the dog poo?) But to be serious, if these are street dogs, yes the council can take them away, but if they are registered as family dogs, that’s a different plate of Pedigree Chum. In the meantime start breeding Anatolian Shepherd dogs which are bigger and stronger than any soi dog.