Move along George


Dear Hillary,

A couple of weeks ago, a chap called “George” wrote about his GF who watched TV while he “performed”. Well George you must be quite a lover if TV excited your date. I have found Thai women to be more attractive/creative/participating/affordable, sexually, than others around the globe and most, not all, but most, more accommodating when it comes to pampering the man, yes even some like you George, regardless of, often, public fondling/boorishness/ill groomed/selfish/cheap (Choose any 2 George!), and frequently see the object of their utter distaste a second or third time.



Dear Don,

I think you have a phrase in America (how do I know this?) saying “The pot calling the kettle black.” Our George gets everything he deserves. The only advice I have for him is to lose the remote or pull the plug out on the TV.