Money, money, money


Dear Hillary,

I read in a Thai website that all that Thai women are interested in is money, money, money. Is this really the case? I am in a long time relationship with a Thai woman, but she is a lot younger than me. Is she interested in me, or money? If it’s money she hides it pretty well. Who should I believe?


Dear Jim,

No, my Petal, Thai women are not just interested in money. For example, I am also interested in Belgian chocolates and French champagne. Women, and not just Thai women, are interested in finding a mate who can support them and their children (and the family in Thailand), and that includes financial as well as physical support. Why should any woman be interested in marrying a pauper? Would you? There are not too many couples you could call Romeo and Juliette in the world, but there are thousands of successful marriages, which exist for the mutual benefit of both parties. I am not saying that ‘romance’ is dead, but likewise a union based on an unreal expectation is also headed for the scrap heap. If you and your lady are happy as you are, with the money you have or haven’t got, then just enjoy life and don’t spend time worrying about what other people write into websites.