Mobile phone mania


Dear Hillary,

I have to attend many meetings a week, and people come in and place their hand-phones on the table and we then begin a series of jangling rings.  Do you think this is rude, or is this an accepted way of doing business over here?  I would like to suggest that just as we used to do in the wild west where they checked their hand-guns at the door, that everyone check their hand-phones at the door instead.  It is my responsibility to run most of these meetings.  Do you think I should insist that they turn their phones off?

Gerard with the Gripes

Dear Gripey Gerard,

Unfortunately in Thailand it is usually thought that the more phone calls you get, the more important you are.  If you really ARE incredibly important, then you have two, or even three, phones as well.  I agree with you that at important meetings where decisions have to be made, then turn them off!  You turn them off at the movies, after all!  A polite request should be enough.