Missing masseuse


Dear Hillary,

The other evening, after a few beers, I went and had a Thai massage at one of the many massage parlors in Pattaya.  All I wanted was a straight massage, nothing else.  I was very impressed with the massage she gave me and the young lady in question was very sweet, but I didn’t get her name.  I went the next night to see her and I thought there was something wrong when I noticed she had a tattoo on her arm that wasn’t there the night before.  When I questioned her about this, she said she had the tattoo done two years ago and she didn’t remember me from the night before.  What worries me, Hillary, is – am I going mad and dreamed up the whole thing, or is she lying to me, or what?

Massage Michael


Dear Massaged Michael,

It’s simple my dear boy.  On the first night you were too inebriated to remember exactly where (or probably – what – you were) and on the second night you went to the wrong massage parlor!  Or you chose the wrong masseuse if you went to the right massage parlor.  She has nothing to gain by lying.  You are suffering from only a temporary form of insanity.