Microwave battles


Dear Hillary,

Discussion re micro-waving: my Thai wife saw the word “Wave” but couldn’t figure out how to close the door with her head inside! She also cooks/dines on the floor but after a recent scare I told her NO animal sacrifices or wood fires on the floor.


P.S. My wife, a certified masseuse, gives inexpensive 2 hour Thai (no oil, no specials) massages.


Dear Don,

You are such a dear, and your long suffering wife deserves a medal, putting up with you. Are you sure she wasn’t trying to work out how to wave her hand, while in the microwave oven.

You remind me of Dire Straits’ hit “Money for Nothing” where Knopfler sings

“We gotta install microwave ovens

Custom kitchens deliveries

We gotta move these refrigerators

We gotta move these color TV’s”

But I’m sure your wife can work the fridge and the “smart” TV. And I’m also sure she knows how to manage you! Hope her (dire) straits massage business is going OK and bringing in enough to cover your local 7-Eleven Chang bill.

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