Ménage a trois plus one


Dear Hillary,

Feast or famine it seems. I wrote you about 6 months ago because I just couldn’t find a lady that clicked for me. You gave me good advice Hillary and I just sat back and waited. I was just about to give up and join the local monastery when I started talking to one of the mothers at my daughter’s school. We both live locally, both divorced, she speaks good English and our daughters are in the same class. I’m not one for coincidences, but this was too much. I asked her out and we had a great night which led on to a strange situation where the daughters sleep over together at one house and we do the same at the other house. Have you ever met something similar after a year of nothing?


Dear Greg,

I am so pleased that Lady Luck has smiled on you, although the ménage a quatre is a little avant garde for me. I wonder just what the daughters think of all this. Whatever, life is for living so carpe diem and best of luck.