Married to a cheater


Dear Hillary,

I don’t think that Thai women have the vaguest clue to honesty in a relationship. It does not surprise me that Thai women have been voted as the world’s biggest cheats, and this in a country where not committing adultery is written into the five basic ideas that all Buddhists are supposed to follow. I think they have a totally different idea as to what is morally right. I think they work on the principal that if they don’t get caught, then it is OK. Listen to a bunch of Thai women talking and it is a competition to see how many have a “gik”, and then how many “giks” at one time. The “gik” idea works well for these women as they can pick them up and put them down as and when they wish. There are no regular money payments to leave the “follow the money” trail or anything like that, so they think they can get away with it. The survey showing that six out of 10 Thai women have affairs while married must mean that the Thai women have a different idea as to what is expected in a marriage, even though it is in the Buddhist precepts. Yes, Hillary, I was cheated on, but never again. She is now just an ex-wife and from now on I will rent, not buy.



Dear Shocked,

I am sad to see that you are still hurting, but you have to understand that you can’t make another person see life as you see life. What is considered as being OK in Thai culture may not be the same as within the western culture. Relationships are certainly different, and to look for the four out of 10 Thai women who don’t cheat is too much of a lottery for you, my Petal. You have the correct idea to rent. You may change your mind later, but avoid deep commitment at this stage.

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